Right of Use

RIGHT OF USE (Responsible Use)

The Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) through training programs, internship, volunteer programs, education services, coaching, consultancy services, publications, awareness rising capaigns made available world wide know how, knowledge, methods, technology created, developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and the Ɵ Foundation Research and Innovation Projects.

The aim of the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) with the publications made avaialble, including its website, is that individuals and organizations interested in the subjects of study of the Ɵ Foundation read, inform themselves, become aware of the avaialbility of these publications and of the associated training programs and services and contact the Ɵ Foundation for purpose of collaboration.

The Ɵ Foundation wish its readers to explore and learn, apply in own life, business; for which a training program is suggested.

Any one wishing to transfer this know how to a second person, or to apply it into systems of a complexity that involve more than one individual, must take training at the Ɵ Foundation, receive and assessment and participate through a coaching program in an evaluation of eligibility for a certificate or license.

The Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) Certification and Licenses programs may have a length of 27, 81, 243, 729, 900 days or more.

There for a complete training is mandatory for a self-responsible, qualified, wise and efficient trainer, coach, consultant, researcher, entrepreneur or family certified at the LDMF Foundation and member of the Golden Guild Theta. (More about Licenses)

The PTƟ STANDARD (Primordial Technology Theta Standard)

The Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) provides a complete program dedicated to certification.

– PTƟ The Matrix Q Intelligence Test is mandatory for the use of the PTƟ Technology
– PTƟ User Certificate, validates capacity of use
– PTƟ Coach/Trainer Certificate, validates capacity of application and sharing of know how as coach or trainer
– PTƟ License, gives rights of application through a license
– PTƟ Guild Membership, offers a continuos training and update of know how and skills
– PTƟ Standard Certificate, verify the right application on organizations, companies, communities.

(More about Licenses)


Please take note that the charts, designs and terminologies used are Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken’s original literary expression and are copy protected.

Reproduction of terminologies, layouts and designs in any form without the express written consent from Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is prohibited.


The Know How, Methods, Publications, published by the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) and produced, created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken are meant to be used only for the objects of the LDMF Foundation, and for not profit purposes.

The intent of any third party, to transfer or teach the knowledge, know how, methods and techology made available by the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) and created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is prohibited, and considered as an abuse of THE LDMF FOUNDATION non for profit policy.

Only Partners of the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) with the necessary licenses and agreement may engage into a for profit activity by utilizing our know how.

In general, it is forbidden to provide training in any field of work, research, know how, technology developed or published by the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) without the necessary certification and licenses. (More about Licenses)


Use of the know how, content of publications, methods, technology for profit purposes must be first authorized by the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) and it is subject of a collaboration agreement with the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation).


Training programs, made available by the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation), have the purpose of transfering the know how and technology, bringing up skills and capacity, to an emerging global culture and civilization, for profit and not for profit, government and not governamental organization, families, communities, locations and individual professionals interested in it and in an agreement  of collaboration with the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) regarding Technology Transfer policy and operational guidelines.

First of all only certified students of the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) learning programs, that are elegible and have been authorized to teach (More about Licenses), utilize the know how and technology for education purposes and have the rank necessary for the level of teaching, and are listed in our website; are authorized to teach. (More about Licenses)


The knowledge, methods, know how, technology made available by the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) and created, developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken are able to generate 9 Levels of Impact and design solutions of 9+ Levels of Complexity (The PTƟ has 9+ levels of complexity and simultaneous application within a Multidimensional Matrix of 9+ dimensions).

The Matrix Q Intelligence Test is mandatory for the use of the PTƟ Technology

The Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation), Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and members of the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation)  Board, Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation)  Assembly of advisors, employees and interns are not liable for any damage caused to theird party by the application of the knowledge, know how, methods, technology made available.

Any person interested into the use or application of this know how, methods and technology must first complete a training, take part into an assessment process and receive a rank, that will make for any third party visible the skills, capacity and level of application the user has. ( See PTT Standard and PTƟ User Certificate)

For example: An user level 5, should not use, apply nor provide services level 9.

In principle any one that intent to apply the know how, methods, knowledge, technology that has not received a training by the Ɵ Foundation (LDMF Foundation) or by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is considered as a Level Zero.

Only Level 3+ able and capable to facilitate the knowledge to small circles of attendees.