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Score Card Theta

The LDMF Foundation is developing a score card in which emotional intelligence, matrix thinking, matrix perception, strategic management skills, self-management and leadership skills will be evaluated, by utilizing the Matrix 9+ Quantification of Value Tool (Vectorial Math Based – Assessment Tool ).

The Score Card will include a set of stages of development, according to assessment field, generated based on human potential studies and the research project of the LDMF Foundation on Primordial Archetypes and DNA Algorithm generation tool of archetypes.

Stages of Development

Stages of development are described and listed on charts or score lines.

The Matrix 9+, a Multidimensional Analysis which include a set of score lines and describe the complexity of a stage of development through a simple visual model.

A set of score lines (Matrix Score Card utilizes at least 3+ score lines) suit an ideal combination of stages of development for a particular field.

  • Self-Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Innovation Technology
  • Performing Arts – Self-Expression
  • Education
  • Peace, Human Rights
  • Heritage, Legacy, Care for Culture
  • Sustainable Living, Care for Nature
  • Health, Preventive health.

May have each of them a different set of score lines. The score lines utilized for the fields in the list above are not public. In order to know the set of score lines for a particular field please ask for an assessment or information session, or request a training on the quantification of value.

Example of Application of the Score Card with score lines designed for a Role Play Game

Here some of the score lines, as example, utilized by a Game created by the LDMF Foundation: the Game of the Gods.

The Following score lines are simple and give you an insight into the Matrix 9+ system of analysis and 9+ development stages.

GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.016 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.017 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.018 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.019 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.020 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.021 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.022 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.023 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.024 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.025 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.026 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.027 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.028 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.029 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.030 GoldenGuildTheta-MembershipandScoreLines.031