Quantification of the Value




  • To identify the value of the subject of analysis, as for its impact in the overall development of your aims, while evolving by playing a role, function or responsibility.
  • A business for example, impacts culture, peace and life around, as well influences civilization or culture development, and the creation of an heritage for future generations.
  • But a business itself, play a role for own share holders and employees.
  • Employees, projects, organization, business culture, know how, technology, play also a role for the organization.
  • According to case, certain culture traits will condition the performance.
  • For HHRR for example, it is extremely important to find out the status in terms of development, of an employee, and the value or capacity of him/her/it for the organization long term in relationship to the investment necessary for performance enhancement.




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  • Along an information session we will describe in details how the quantification of value will be developed.
  • After your agreement we will define a place, date and time defined for the quantification of value process.




  • For the quantification of value, we utilize an advanced Prime Tech Theta Standard and utilize the Matrix 9+ system of analysis. More details about the know how and tools used will be provided along the information session.