Primordial Technology Theta Standard – Certificate

The LDMF Foundation provides a CERTIFICATE that describes the capability and level of application a certificate holder has, for the application of methods and know how developed by the LDMF Foundation and Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.

Certificates are provided after an evaluation, standard assessment and report, in relation to a particular method, know how, technology, material, and others.

Certificates may vary according to case.

Evaluation Process

In order to be eligible for a certificate the candidate must be evaluated, receive a rank and points. According to rank and points the level of application capacity will be identified (for which the candidate is eligble will be defined).

After evaluation the LDMF Foundation Board will decide if an eligible candidate will be entitled for aCertificate. Additional conditions may apply.

Training is necessary for the evaluation process on the methods, know how and technology object of the certificate.


Certificate Holder

A Certificate is valid for no more than 9 months. Every 9 months a certificate holdern must complet an update and upgrade training program and complementary evaluation. After the 18th month, the certificate holder will be requested to do a complementary foundation training. After 27 months, a certificate holder will be requested to complete a new certificate assessment.

The stages of evaluation of 9, 18 and 27 months, are for those that do not follow the update and upgrade every 9 months.

A certificate holder is as well member of the Golden Guild Theta Network and holdern of a license.

How to Apply?

Intentional candidates are welcome to fill out the webform in this page for more information.


Please add:

  • Intentional letter,
  • Intentional candidate Profile
  • Purpose, aim: what for will be the certificate utilized?
  • Which type of collaboration relationship the intentional candidate wishes with the LDMF Foundation.

An answer to the web form or email will be send in 9 days. The intentional candidate will be requested for more details on the nature of the application, an interview will be scheduled online, for the purpose of description of the training and evaluation process.